The Girl Making the Mess.

I used to have this really lengthy "about me" section for the past year or so, and though I liked it initally, I'm so over it. It was this sort-of I used to eat processed foods and then I got too skinny when I started eating vegetables and now I bake and work out and I am so happy and balanced and everything in moderation type things. Well poo to that. Let me give you a disclaimer. I'm totally for "healthy." I am a personal trainer, ex-college athlete, marathon running, oatmeal loving, SHAPE magazine reading type-o-gal. I've just had a change in perspective on my own personal blog (which started as a "healthy lifestyle" blog and has since morphed into all things wonderful and less boring than pictures of my lunch.

From most of these healthy lifestyle blogs you get these upper middle class girls and women who struggle with body image issues and went through a life changing weight loss from 140 pounds to 128 (umm.. you graduated college and stopped drinking like a fish and eating like a frat boy)and have finally found their "happy healthy weight." But you know what? I'm not going to lie. I'm sick of that. We're all the same. We all have body image issues. No one has really found the secret answer or the perfect balance. It's impossible -- I promise you.

In terms of other bloggers, good for them, really. I'm in no way belittling their success or their blogs -- in fact, I read almost every single one of them, religiously. But, as you can tell if you read my blog, I have a huge sweet tooth and creamy cheesey rich not-always-good-for-you tooth, and I can't post about granola and yogurt and my workouts every day. You'd be bored, and frankly, I can't do it as well as some of the other bloggers out there. I won't update three times a week let alone three times a day. I'm nothing short of impressed that some these girls can do that and have a semblence of a life. They are awesome. I, well, I have my priorities elsewhere.

And this is why I will never be a famous blogger. But, I will stay true to my sarcastic (yet growing more sentimental with age) heart. Oh, this is me. Welcome to blog.
Peace and Love from The Messie Kitchen,