Saturday, October 24, 2009

Boy, how excited was I to wake up and endure a day full of studying and errands! Typical breakfast-- you know the drill... Fiber One Honey Clusters, strawberries and skim milk.

I went to the gym for a quick workout because I knew I would be sitting on my toosh most of the day. My gym is really funny. Well, I go to two gyms. The rec center is the funny one. 90% of the people are senior citizens. Picture this: striped tube socks, sweat bands, black Reebok tennis shoes shuffling across the floor, high waisted shorts and old sweat stained tee shirts. They walk around in swooshie pants too... and spend most of their time chatting to one another. One hardcore lady always runs with her shirt off; she is probably over 70 years old. She thinks she is hot shit too, excuse my french. She knows all the oldies are looking at her. She isn't really happy when the young vixen 40 year olds come in and steal her thunder. It always makes me laugh when I picture myself amidst this crowd. I did the elliptical and an ab workout.

In between working out and lunch I grabbed a coffee. I wanted my pumpkin creamer so I mixed a tablespoon of my 1% milk with a tablespoon of the creamer. I know that sounds weird but the creamer is 35 calories per serving (tbsp). So, two servings (which is about how much I use) is 70 calories! That's a lot for just a bit of creamer. I mix the milk (7 calories a tbsp) with the creamer, and it's much more like my typical half and half. That was a good cup.

I studied for a few hours and then was pretty hungry. I got deli sliced turkey and ham from Wegman's a few days ago and used that and some avocado on a sandwich. I'm becoming obsessed. I've been through about 4 avocados this week! I had an apple on the side--big surprise right?

This light lunch allows room for a good snack, so I had a banana with a tbsp of peanut butter and a few chocolate chips. I love this snack. Peanut butter and banana is awesome... peanut butter and chocolate is superb. The combination is heavenly. If you can't tell... I don't often just slop things together. I take time to enjoy every time I eat. I make it an "experience." Yes, its time consuming but it makes me happy.
I had big plans to go out Friday night... maybe even out to dinner before. B-U-S-T. I was so bummed! First, I just decided to make my own dinner because if I went out I wanted something light. I got all ready, make up, hair, etc. to learn I was just going to spend the night in. I had an exam in the morning (Saturday... I know, horrible) so I just got ready for it. Of course Susie and Dick bring home sweets Friday night and it's chocolate cake!!!! Ughh.. I have no willpower. And I'll eat it until it's gone!

It was Trader Joe's double chocolate and it is absolutely fantastic. They also bought caramel swirl Edy's slow churn. Night out on the town....or cake an ice cream? You decide...

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