Sunday, December 6, 2009

Alright, so I wasn't necessarily on my best eating/working out behavior yesterday either. I was so excited to take a Kickboxing class, and I had enlisted one of my friends to come with me Saturday morning. We woke up, got there through the snow (yeah, snow in Virginia!) and walked in the Rec Center to learn it was closed because of a Christmas Craft show. I was so angry! It threw off my whole plan. Sadly, we left, and got coffee instead. Not a bad trade, but I wanted to be a little more active.

Breakfast was a Oatmeal Raisin Gatorade Energy Bar and lunch was half a peanut butter and honey sandwich with an apple. This all sounds well and good, but I spent my day sampling chocolates, cookies, ciders and dips at a couple shows I went to with my parents. Determined to get back on track, I suggested cooking dinner at home. The idea soared for a while until my mom decided she was too tired so we were going to go out to eat. Not just out to eat, but to Austin Grill-- one of my favorite Tex Mex restaurants. I couldn't resist. Where has my willpower gone? I decided I'd just try not to overdo it with the chips. Failure. We split nachos, enchiladas, and steak tacos and it was so good and I had no chance.

I must say though, when I came home, I just had one little bite of a brownie before I decided I should stick to a cup of hot chocolate instead. So, one tiny victory amidst many failures. But what could I do? We were watching Elf on my big blue couches. I didn't stand a chance. Christmas movies go along best with warm no, I won't totally regret my decision. Anyway, I'm going to try to get sort-of back on track now. I'm done feeling bad. I wish the gym was open today!!! Grr...stupid craft shows. Anyway, that's life. Adieu.

PS: This picture is old, but I forgot to upload my fantastic salad with tomato, cucumber, cheese, avocado, corn tortillas and onion. Delightful.

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