Friday, January 22, 2010

For breakfast I had the waffles/cottage cheese combo again so I didn't take a picture. Same deal with lunch-- I had a pear and the turkey wrap with avocado and sour cream-- yum.

You can't tell from this picture but I made a parfait of Chobani Greek Yogurt (SOO high in protein but needs flavoring!) with honey, flax seeds and blackberries-- yum!

Tonight should be interesting. I'm planning on making chicken cheese steaks... I've done regular but never chicken so hopefully it turns out okay. Should be interesting. I thinned out some chicken breast and it's marinating in some garlic and a touch of hot sauce. I'll probably saute some peppers and onions and top the whole concoction with melted provolone. I will probably use marinara but cheesesteaks are commonly served with mayo and ketchup. Whatever your pleasure. On the side I'm making baked "fries". This is a healthier version than deep fried obviously but paired with the giant sandwich, I could probably use more veggies less starches-- oh well! Come to think of it, maybe the sandwich is enough. I'll saute some extra peppers and onions! Good thinking.

Well... it turned out DEELISH. I'll definitely make that recipe again. I did indeed indulge in my nightly ice cream scoop, and relaxed with a movie. Not a wild Friday night but I'm exhausted so it works. I think I'm kickboxing in the morning...

There are my charts... enjoy!

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