Monday, February 1, 2010

Is it still Monday? Do I say this every Monday? I think so. I'm full, happy and sleepy, which is a great combination. Today, although I was supposed to be reading all day, I ended up revamping my food blog and baking and taking pictures of my meals. This made for a lovely day.. oops, sorry school!

I'm not even going to include my breakfast picture because it's so boring compared to everything else and it doesn't even look like what it is-- you've all seen it before, fear not: a whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter and banana with a side of coffee. I did my boot camp class today but it was such a small class that it wasn't too much fun. After work I did my own work out on the elliptical and lifted, blah blah no one cares about that! Well, I'd rather show you my food. It's prettier.

I made birthday muffins for someone today. The recipe called for 18 regular sized muffins but I ended up making 48 mini muffins. It's only 73 calories a muffin, nice. On half of the batch, however, since it was a birthday gift I decided to make a glaze for it. This genius idea was completely negated by the fact I accidentally used peppermint extract instead of rum extract and I thought I completely ruined the batch. Luckily, the sweet blueberries drowned out the taste of the mint completely, so the glaze was okay. Aren't they cute?!

Lunch was tasty, too. I saved some peppers from last nights fajitas and heated them up with chicken sausage, marinara and some italian cheese. I grilled the whole wrap on the stove top and the crispy consistency made the wrap tastier than it would have been cold. I had an apple, too.
A small snack later in the day was a bowl of Special K with blueberries, sugar and some milk. I'd be lying if I didn't mention my second cup of coffee... oopsies.

Dinner was fantastic.... we made the Ellie Krieger shrimp with tomatoes and feta recipe and served it atop of whole grain cous cous and a greek salad. The salad had olives (ew.), tomato, feta, cucumbers and stuffed grape leaves--yum. I topped it with a Greek yogurt dressing.

I think I'll have a couple muffins for dessert...since we have no more ice cream.. grr

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