Monday, March 15, 2010

Grilled Vegetable Pizza

Tonight I came home to this Grilled Vegetable Pizza meal made by Susie. Unfortunately, I love the sauce on pizza and this was a white one--meaning only olive oil. No ooey gooey red sauce dripping out of the sides. It had a good crust but the toppings were more aimed toward my parents likings than mine: I hate olives, love sauce, think artichokes are okay, and prefer peppers in my tacos, not pizza, None-the-less, it's still a good Za, if you like that sort of thing! I ended up dipping it in Ragu pizza sauce...shh....

Doesn't look too glamorous in this picture, but I'd eat it again...with a few changes. I'm attempting to avoid sweets tonight... so I'm downing a diet soda. Cross ya fingers for me.

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