Thursday, April 29, 2010

May, oh May

May, oh May. To me, the first week of May has always been one for celebrating. It's my dad's birthday, cinco de mayo, and also two of my close friends birthdays all within the same week. Now, it's also my boss' birthday the second week. This That is four cakes I need to make within the next two weeks! Geez oh man.

I know two for sure. And the one that is coming will surely be sublime. Peanut butter cake. I'm also planning on making a rainbow cake next Thursday and two others which are undecided. Father, what is your preference? Thanks. Dev, I must say, since we've been in our long distance frandship, I've forgotten what might tickle your fancy.  Rach, since I wasn't so heavily into this cake craze for your birthday, you're pretty much deserve one too! So let me know, k great thanks. Amie, we should do  a cinco de mayo themed one next week. Okay enough shout outs.

Anyway, so aside from the finals/projects/papers I should be working on, I'm choosing to indulge my inner fat kid and make cakes instead. It makes me happy! So, keep checking in because I've got a lot of cool stuff coming atcha.


Rick said...

I LOVE RAINBOW CAKE!!!! I made one in November. It is so much fun! And is really pretty.

ann low said...
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ann low said...

Hi Jessie, Nice blog you have. I have two cakes to make in May. One for the Mother's Day and the the other one is a birthday cake.