Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Me Me Me!!!

Today I learned a neat thing about my blog:

I'm getting readers from a FETISH site! Glad to know I'm hitting all my bases-- I'm very welcoming of all people, so come one, come all to The Messie Kitchen!

In other news, it's been a long time since I've given you an update on life, which I'm sure you're just dying to hear.

Things in gwad school have been super busy. I'm in the process of four major projects, exams, and figuring out my evaluation project upon completion of my program. Right now I'm toying with the idea of eating disorders in female athletes: what coaching/support staff can do to help prevent/intervene. I eat this stuff up -- no pun intended.

Things in life have been all over the place. Alexio (my lovely man-friend) has underwent surgery -- again. Which means he can't walk -- again. Which means I'll be doing more driving to see him -- again.

Between the two of us, we've had (I think) 9 surgeries, two sets of stitches (mine from white water rafting, his from a fence), a herniated disk, osteitis pubis yadda yadda the list goes on. I think he's secretly trying to top me with the surgeries, but I'm older, wiser and winning (not a good competition to be ahead).

Last weekend I celebrated my best friends' birthdays. Yes, plural. I got LARYNGITIS. Does this mean I'm not as hardcore as I was in college? Because two nights of going out really killed me. I'm still feeling ill!

I'm getting very excited about the upcoming holiday season. Thanksgiving will be in State College, Pennsyltucky because my sister isn't coming home and my parents don't love me-- JUST kidding, Mom. I know you're sad I won't be home.

I've been listening to "Peaceful Holidays" on Pandora for about three weeks, and that alongside "Holiday Blend" coffees is getting me through this semester.

I've been reviewing TONS of products. I have a couple awesome ones on the way -- so stay tuned.

I'm trying to figure out life after grad school. College coach? Wellness manager? Boston? Colorado? D.C.? New York? Philly? SUGGESTIONS are welcomed. Except you Amy: I just read your Philly schpeal.

I'm trying to keep up on my blogging. I know I've been bad about it, but, well, sorry. I just don't have time to post every day anymore. Sad.

I miss you all. And I miss your comments. So leave me some and brighten my day. Until then, I'll be working on a study guide, taking yoga, going to class, and missing a concert I was dying to go to. Ah, life... you are such a pain in my behind.

Well, that's all folks.

Hugs, not drugs, Jessie.


Unknown said...

the word FETISH... got my attention!

Monet said...

Always Colorado! But I'm starting to like Austin a bit more too! I loved hearing about your life...and I can completely relate to the school busyness. I'm swamped right now. I am sending healthy, healing thoughts your way seems like you guys have had it rough in that department! Thank you for sharing, love. I hope you are having a relaxing Wednesday night!