Friday, February 25, 2011

GW 10K... My First Road Race

I am in class right now. I'm listening to my teacher repeatedly say "a cup is a cup is a cup" but not in Kenya. Oh no. In Kenya, a banana is not a banana is not a banana, and fruit is not a food. I am so far gone. Ahhhh am I really in class on a Friday night?!
I'm in nutrition assessment, and needless to say, Friday night classes are not for me. I cannot wait to go home and go to bed. By 9:00 pm. Don't hate the playa, hate the game.
I meant to post this a while ago, but last weekend, I ran my first 10K (so did my friend Lily, from the gym!) and my knees and hips still feel like I'm an arthritic 80-year-old. Despite my 23-year-old self stuck in a feeble old lady body, I actually placed for my age group, and I'm proud because I haven't run a race since I was 16.
The 10K was just a little appetizer for the National Half Marathon in DC in March and eventually the Chicago Marathon October. Yikes!
The plan is to run with this lil’ QTπ, my friend and former roommate and fellow grocery store enthusiast, Diz.
She is a running machine. In fact, I’m a little nervous about running with her because she’s already ran a marathon (and qualified for Boston cause she's a machine) and a handful of halfs and she’s one of those people who can run and run and run and be cool as a cuke.
So, I ran it in 45:17 and felt pretty good about it. I think I was 68th out of almost 600, and 13th for women. The 12 girls/women ahead of me were unreal. Jealllousss!
And Susie and Dick were excited to see me competing again, because it's been oh-so-long.
And I was excited to be done and eat a big breakfast in La Madeleine. Because the post-game/race/competition meal is always a wonderful experience!
But this weekend, I get to pick up my prize! HOO-rah! Well, I should probably get back to paying attention. Cheers to Friday! 

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Anonymous said...

ah yes the arthritis at 23 i know it all too well... who thought D1 athletics would be good anyway?