Sunday, October 18, 2009

Okay, it's a good thing no one religiously follows my blog or else I'd have some really angry fans. Sorry to the four people who read this. I'm sure your lives were put on hold all weekend anxiously sitting at your computer, eyes glazed over staring at the screen just waiting for an update. Well, I'm back, and now you can breathe again. This weekend was exhausting. Actually, the past two weeks have been draining as I've driven up and back to PSU twice and have had work, homework, and now my foot I had surgery on has flared up again. So things are splendid. Actually, things are fine, just busy. That's how I work though. Someone told me one time that "busy" people are always busy. I'm a busy person; I never take a break to just be. This is one of the things I do that actually relaxes me, surprisingly enough.

So, Thursday was an early morning work day, if you couldn't tell by my 6 a.m. post. So is tomorrow, oh hooray. I love getting everything done so early, but I wouldn't be horrible to be on a normal schedule. Breakfast was two packets of oatmeal and about 1/8 cup almonds. Soon after had an apple and my morning jolt of coffee. I participated in J&P because I knew I wouldn't be working out because after my shift ended I just wanted to get on the road ASAP. We did a pretty tough workout with a lot of jumping. We did thirty seconds each of jumping over a rope feet together, right foot, and then left, followed by about 4 minutes of strength exercises. The next part of the circuit was more jumps, and more strength exercises. There were four mini patterns, and we repeated the whole pattern twice. We also worked with bands and then did a good ab workout. I mean...I was tired, so they had to be. I'm getting the rep of being a butt-kicker. It's fun. I must admit though, I just wanted to leave work so much that I didn't really care about the class. 1:00 couldn't come fast enough, and of course, for the first time ever, the girl who works after me was late. My boss let me go--hallelujah, because it's snowing in State College by now. I ran home because I forgot something and decided just to eat at home. i made a Boca burger with cheddar, tomatoes, lettuce, and a pickle. I also had a Kellogg's fiber plus bar. These are actually really good-- not as good as the fiber one kind though.

After I stuffed my face as fast as possible I got into the car and when I was about 3 minutes from home I realized I should probably bring a light jacket to PSU--umm... it was 32 degrees...really Jessie? A light jacket? So I turned around and then, and only then, was I truly on the road. Halfway into my trip I got so so sleepy and had to pull over and get coffee. I think it's getting bad if I need two in a day. In my defense, it was like 4, and I was up at that's okay right? It started to get grey and I could feel the air from inside my car. Welcome to Pennsylvania. It started snowing in the mountains and I get really nervous driving. People are such horrible drivers in bad weather. Good weather too, for that matter. Finally, after what seemed like a drawn out version of a normal trip, I was pulling into Carogin and almost to my destination. It was so nice to be there and stop driving. By this time, I was starving. Alex's drugs make him lose his appetite. This is strange. If you knew how much he eats normally, you'd be baffled at how little it is now. For instance, he could only take down 5 tacos...instead of the usual 11. Things like that. Well, that gave it away--tacos for dinner. Mine were made with ground beef, cheddar, lettuce, salsa and sour cream. I actually had 3, contrary to my picture. It hit the spot.

Alex was pretty excited about his snicker's ice cream bars, so after watching TCAP (umm...To Catch a Predator, duh?) we both had one. Delicious. And good for me because usually I just keep eating sweets but I was forced to only get what was in the package--great idea for OverEatersAnonymous. Because I can easily clean out a huge thing of ice cream if I don't control myself. It's a rough life, huh? Well, I do say, it's nice dating a fellow foodie. Never have I been hungry when he hasn't. I never feel like a chubbo going back for seconds. Even though he calls me tubby... I don't think it bothers him too much.

If you can't tell, I eat relatively healthy, minus my desserts. I'm trying to cut back. Not because I think I need to, but because I'm trying to be a better example of health to people. I know how to help people, but I don't always necessarily set a good picture of what to do and what not to do. So, when I make comments like "ohh I'm such a chubbo," I don't mean it. I know I'm in shape, and I work pretty hard for it, especially so I can eat the foods I want. Some people can diet. I'd rather workout longer, harder, more often, so I can eat what I'd like to. Plus, my metabolism is only going to get slower, so I might as well take advantage. I just don't want you to get the idea that I'm one of those annoying girls who complains about how fat she is etc. Believe me, I've battled my own issues, but I finally think I've got it down. Anyway, til the next post, hugs not drugs.

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