Thursday, October 29, 2009

This week has been so hectic! I'm happy it's finally Thursday and definitely ready for the weekend. Although I'm letting go for a lot this weekend, I still have a ton of stuff to do. Updating my blog was my...hmm... not first priority. So sorry about the delay.
Tuesday I woke up early and went for a run. Two days later and my foot is killing me. Not smart. I don't know why other than I just haven't been devoted to my rehab in a while. So I'm getting a little better but still not so much. I have a ton of exercises I should probably be doing right now actually... oh well. It's hard to take your shoes and socks off at work to do rehab. Anyway, about 4.5 miles on Tuesday, again with no headphones, again with no breakfast. I could feel the energy draining about 3 miles in. My legs were lagging. It was also raining, though, and that never helps anything. If any of you have had surgery before, or tendonitis, you know when the weather gets bad, so do your joints. All the aches and pains come back full throttle. It's not enjoyable.

I got home and made a bowl of Puffins and Fiber One. Yes, not that exciting but I was hungry and just wanted a big bowl of cereal. Not pictured is my delicious cup of coffee I chugged before class. An hour in I was so exhausted I could have used more. If I don't enough sleep Sunday night, I'm messed up all week. It's awful, but true. So I sat in class eyes glazed over. Nice.

Lunch was my last avocado and chicken lunch meat with light mayo for at least a day! Ha. It's so good though...hits the spot. I had it with an apple and almonds. Oops, forgot the almonds, but I'm guessing by now, you know what they look like.

I get done with class around 5:00 and had a hair appointment. It never fails to rain when I get my hair cut. Seriously, never. For the past 4 years I cannot even think of a time where it didn't. I love getting my hair washed and head massaged. I could get my hair cut every day! They offered me coffee and showed me to the cream and sugar. Obviously I was thinking Oh yes... free coffee! They didn't have any more stirrers! I had to shake my coffee (no lid, mind you). It was a horrible idea from the start but for some reason, I acted upon it. Smart, Jessie.

After my appointment, I went home lighter without the hair. I made a snack of some leftover mozzarella and pizza sauce on the butterfly crackers. Nice little quick salty fix.

Dinner was gooood. We had the Wegman's rotisserie barbecue chicken with a sweet potato, asparagus, and a pretzel roll. this easy dinner hit the spot. I usually don't eat skin on chicken but every once in a while it's so good. All the flavor (thus fat) is in the skin of the chicken, which is why it's usually prepared boneless/skinless. Still, it was good, and for $4.00, a good deal.

An apple and peanut butter as a late night snack. Still, no sweets! This is a record for me!

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