Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Wow, just watched a clip from Self.com and it turns out that the following foods are really good for burning fat, and I was really pleased that I ate almost all of these:

1. Almonds- even though they are a high fat food, it helps increase metabolism of fat.
2. Berries- contain high vitamin C, helps you burn up to 30% more fat during exercise
3. Sweet Potatoes- less of a spike of insulin, so we store less fat here.
4. Mustard- contains turmeric, which slows the growth of fat tissue.
5. Soy Beans- complete protein without saturated fat, helps block fat absorption and breaks down fat deposit in the diet.
6. Cinnamon- helps block the spike of insulin, which signals the body to store fat, so you'll store less.
7. Oranges- flavones have a lower rise in BMI, helps us burn more fat.
8. Swiss cheese- very rich in calcium, lower in fat, and cause more fat breakdown.

It's really easy to swap these foods... almonds instead of peanuts,sweet potatoes instead of white, mustard instead of mayo, and swiss cheese instead of higher fat american, chedder, etc.

I use cinnamon in my coffee, on my apples, and in my oatmeal. Berries add flavor to cereal and yogurt. I don't eat many soy beans but I'll give them a try. And oranges are great. Try them instead of orange juice. The whole fruit will help you feel full, and they're around all year.

Try these tips to boost your fat loss!

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