Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ohh the sun decided to come out today! Of course, the day I wake up with a bit of a headache from a little more wine than I would have bargained and all I want is a dreary sky. It's unbelievably pretty. So thanks, the weather would have been much appreciated yesterday. Oh well!

I woke up early enough to go out to breakfast with the parents on Saturday. We headed to Bruegger's Bagels in Old Town, Alexandria and I was thrilled to get my hands on a toasted bagel with the garlic herb cream cheese. So naturally, as I'm picturing bagels spinning around in my head I get up to the front of the line and order an everything bagel with cream cheese--right? Wrong. Why-oh-why didn't I listen to my gut? I got enticed by the Rio Grande Wrap-- two eggs, jalapeno cream cheese, peppers and ham all tucked into a portable sandwich. I'm wasn't disappointed with my choice, however. I ate half of it and saved the other for later (it never got eaten... I guess it wasn't that good). I had a naner and some delicious French Toast coffee too. Bruegger's coffee is, I think, God's gift to man. I had two large cups and by the time I got home I had way too much energy and had to pee every ten seconds. TMI? Hope not.

I got some workout videos to try and amp up my classes so I popped on in to try cardio kickboxing. Not too challenging but I guess I got my sweat on for a little. I wanted to go to the gym but the roads were horrible so I guess I did alright all things considered. Lunch was another wrap. Like I said, I was planning on saving the Rio Grande Wrap but when push came to shove I didn't want reheated eggs on a soggy tortilla. So, what I did instead was stuff a whole wheat wrap with lettuce, ham, avocado and a Laughing Cow light cheese. We got fresh apples from the farmers market in Old Town, so I had one on the side.

Now, things start getting tastier. My friend moved into DC so we truged from her new apartment to the near by Trader Joe's to get wine and dinner. We ended up getting everything I love: chips/salsa/tortillas/cheese/pizza/wine. Life is good. By the time we got back we were all hungry so we busted out the chips and salsa and made little frozen Spanikopidas which were fantastic. Minus the oven was horrible so it took about 30 minutes to bake them. Then we burnt the pizza--oops. Everything came out well and everything is better surrounded by good friends (and wine)

We ended up staying in until midnight drinking wine and firefly... the high school gang. It felt nostalgic for just a night.

It was grand.


Nick said...

I burnt the pizza :(

Jessie said...

it was a group effort!