Monday, February 15, 2010

MIA again! I know.

We can blame all day training this weekend for a personal trainer certification course...not my fault! Honestly, you didn’t miss much of my eating. I’m only updating you so I can tell you about the delicious pie I just ate. Ha. Seriously, I’m in a food coma… for the second night in a row. I think I have been since Thanksgiving. I can't keep using holidays for excuses. Although, we have St. Patty's and State Patty's, Easter, Memorial Day... 4th of July. Yep, wow, seems like it will be at least five more months until I can get back on track.

My food is all over the place. I ate pretty healtfully this weekend until night time. As usual. I'm just about sick of blowing a days worth of good nutrition out the window for a midnight splurge. I guess I'm not sick enough of it to change my behavior though.

These first few pictures are examples of what I ate during my training. For breakfast two of the three days I had an omelet stuffed with black beans for filling protein and fiber and some shredded mexican cheese. I had clementines on the side. Nice start to the morning. That, on top of coffee, and I was set for the day.

Lunch every day was the same thing: peanutbutter and banana sandwich.

The recipe is simple and definitely easy to vary depending on taste... All you need is:
2 slices whole wheat bread
2 tbsp creamy peanut butter (spreads better)
1/2 medium banana
1 tsp honey
1 tbsp marshmallow fluff
Toast the bread, let the PB melt, add the bananas, BAM, Awesome sandwich!
The one pictured was toasted but usually I had them cold. This sandwich never fails me. No matter what I'm craving, this hits the spot. Nothing like a mouthful of peanut butter.For those of you who prefer peanut butter an apple... well, you're a yuppie.

This next picture is not a bag lunch. No, no. It's far worse: bagged dinner! Oh it was awful. I didn't know our schedule so I packed this soggy ham sandwich with an apple and yogurt and granola. I went home and drowned my sorrows with ice cream... and a bite of cake. The safeway brand is easy to resist. The next picture is JAMBALAYA. No, I haven't had enough from NoLa.My mom made this and it was better than any we had in the dirty south...don't tell. We had it with squash and brussel sprouts (which I hate)...
Now, here are the good food parts of the weekend.

Amie and I went to Chevy's for a date on Valentines day. Pretty sure the waitress thought we were an item. Nice. I got the three item combo-- should have gotten two item but go hard or go home right? Wrong! I was so full after this. You know it's bad when your borderline crazy person waitress tells you to "pound it and lock it up" because she was impressed at how much food I ate. Makes me sick to think about it... Not full enough not to try the delicious raspberry cheese cake/chocolate truffle at Amie's and the key lime pie at my house... ughhhh!!!! I've lost all control! Alex tells me I can eat what I want when I want it... coming from a guy who eats like a machine and still is ripped. Guys are lucky! Anyway, enough whining. I do this to myself. I have another stomach ache tonight... big surprise. I tried Indian for the first time...

I ordered Tikka chicken, which is basically what they cook in the clay oven. It's a lot like Tandoori chicken, and also much like the Kabob I get at this Afghan restaurant. It came with peppers, onions, and a whole tray full of accompaniments such as soups, curries, beans, nan bread, and a dessert. This "dessert" was fried flour with water and sugar. Such a delicacy, I'm not quite sure how I turned it down. Oh right, the delicious Key Lime masterpiece in the fridge. The piece I had tonight is actually the one from up above. By the time I came down for round two, the pie was gone. This is not a bad thing... not a bad thing at all.
This is just a random snack I had this weekend.
Finally, this made me happy. Every flavor yoplait light I could imagine... EXCEPT MY FaVORITE CHERRY COBBLER! That made me sad, but overall, I can't complain. Ten for five bucks! Good deal. Don't they just make you want yogurt? Probably not. But seriously, try these! Especially if you have a sweet tooth like mine. I'm putting it away for a week. No desserts for me. I've reached my limit and I'm about ready to burst..unless my jeans do first... justttttt kidding!

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I like the black beans in the omelet. Never thought of that before!