Wednesday, March 3, 2010

After a lovely Saturday full of good food, it was back on the health bandwagon Sunday. I didn't take a picture of my simple breakfast of Fiber One Raisin Bran, 1% milk and a honey bell orange.
 This, however, was sent to me from my boyfriend. He is capable of eating copious amounts of food and still maintaining 7% body fat. (Yeah, I'm bragging a little.) Anyway, where as this is about the amount of calories for 3/4 of my day, he takes it all in at breakfast. Yes, that's three chocolate chip pancakes with syrup, scrambled eggs, ham, tater tots, a biscut with butter, chocolate milk, and juice. Impressive, no?
For lunch, I made the rest of the V8 Tomato Soup, a BLT - T + Avocado + Low Fat Mayo, and an apple. A few hours later I had a delicious snack but the picture looks horrible so you won't be seeing it. I had about a 1/2 cup of plain Greek Yogurt, 2 tbsp golden raisins, 1/2 tbsp flax seeds and some honey-- yum! My parents went out to eat but I had too much to do so I stayed in with  lean cuisine pizza. Usually, I like these. This one, however, not so much. It was the "deep dish supreme." Okay, Stouffer's... let's try not to get ahead of ourselves.

You make a mean thin crust, lasagna, even Swedish meatball.. but deep dish pizza via microwave? They missed the bar here. This dissatisfying dinner led to snacking after dinner--gulp. No sweets this week... saving for Nifty Fifties in Rutledge!! And a nice little date to Texas de Brazil Saturday. Yum.

So, monday morning, after taking a recipe from a fellow foodblogger, I tried a raisins, cocoa, and almond oatmeal... as you can tell from my picture, I added too much water by accident. It was still tasty but I think it would have been better over a stovetop instead of instant oatmeal. Still good. I didn't use banana (but I did this morning... I'll get there). This morning, Tuesday, I still used instand but about 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder, actually toasted the almonds in my toaster oven, and added bananas and whipped it all up vigorously with a spoon.

As I was told was going to happen, the bananas tasted marshmallow-y. I actually think I prefer the golden raisins in my oatmeal, but the toasted almonds were delicious, and the right amount of cocoa powder takes your morning from dull to decadant. So you can see... version #2 probably looks more appetizing. I think I'll just keep experimenting!!

I think because we're out of turkey and I'm over the JIF peanut butter in the cabinet (I'm loyal to Skippy), I keep making BLT's. So, this post is chock full of them. Here was today (Tuesdays). I think I had a boca that was lack luster yesterday so it's not pictured. I used real and saturated-fat-laden bacon today...shhh.... and I made a sort-of avocado mayo mixture. I could eat avocado out of the jar... yum. I also had a honey bell and some almonds. Dinner last night was tasty marinated chicken on the indoor grill. If you're one of those people who simply cannot wait until May rolls around and it's officially grilling season: GET AN INDOOR GRILL! All you need is a little pan, and you can cook up to 4 burgers on it... probably. You could get a whole griddle too, if you were ambitious. The grill marks just make it feel more authentic, and it's definitely better than a plain baked chicken breast!
Dinner tonight was SO disappointing. We all know how much I love paninis... especially caprese ones. So, tonight, since I was staying on campus late, I figured I'd treat myself to one. Umm.. just take ONE look at the picture and tell me if it looks like a caprese sandwich should. Grill marks? No. Melted cheese? No. Iceberg Lettuce? Why? Soggy bread? No thanks. Too much balsamic? Yes. Ultimate failure! I made a side salad with tomato, onion, kidney beans, cucumber and sunflower seeds... not the best dinner.

In my nutrition class the snack was cottage cheese, honey and fruit, so I had some of that. I unfortunately got the munchies at home and so I'll come clean: 2 stuffed grape leaves, FIVE trefoils... the last one with melted dark chocolate on it, and milk and I think that's enough damage. Remember I said no sweets? This is what happens when you deprive yourself.. you go nuts. Thank god 5 trefoils only have 160 calories. I certainly didn't break the bank!!!

This is just a picture from Sunday. Delicious snack: half cup of non fat greek yogurt, a banana, some toasted almonds and a pinch of flax seeds, all drizzled with sweet sweet honey... YUM! Toasting the almonds makes all the difference.

I'm trying to decide now what I'll want for breakfast in the morning. I'm thinking a "breakfast burrito..." but we'll see

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