Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paul's Famous Friday Night "The Rut" Cheesesteaks

I kept saying “it’s my first expose!” Yep, you heard right—I did a full on expose on the most famous Cheesesteak of all. No, not Pat’s or Geno’s… Paul Garrity’s. The home-cooked version of the legends, and in my humble opinion, the best. No grease dripping off this sandwich, and no fast food feel. The bread, meat, cheese, even oil chosen specifically for the master crafted Rutledge delicacy.

Like I said, everything is picked specifically. I’ve tried making these before but I can never find the right kind of meat, and it never looks as fresh as the kind used here. Paul uses Rib Eye Chip Steak, and you can see how red it is. I think there was about 2 pounds of the steak for 5 sandwiches. Here’s what you need and what you need to do:

Paul’s “The Rut” Cheesesteaks (Makes 5)
Rib Eye Chip Steak (2 lbs)
Cheese (the cheesier, the better… pick your poison: American, Provolone, even Cheese Whiz)
5 fresh soft sub rolls
Diced yellow onion
Olive Oil (“Extra Virgin, not the used and dirty type”)
Garlic Pepper
Watch and learn…
1. Your steak should be easy to tear by hand... you can see Paul doing this here.
2. Make sure you give the job of dicing the onions to the sous chef!! ()

3. In a medium frying pan, place about a tsp of olive oil and let it heat over medium
4. Add 1 lb of the rib eye steak 
5. Season with pepper, salt and heavily garlic pepper (order matters! Decent pepper, light on the salt, heavy on the garlic)
6. Sauté and add onions. Cook until meat is browned and drain!!! (Note the slotted technique)
7. Add cheese Smother in cheese
8. Place cut sub roll over sandwich, open toward the pan. Press down (note rotation of the wrist!)
9. ATTEMPT to flip with a spatula (this is an art form… keep trying)

Voila! Enjoy! It's always better with Utz Sour Cream and Onion Chips... duh. No mayo here... just ketchup!

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