Monday, March 15, 2010

Texas de Brazil

Last week I got the chance to finally try a restaurant I've been itching to try since it came to Fairfax: Texas de Brazil. For those of you who haven't heard of it, its a Brazillian Churrascaria, basically God's gift to man, if you ask me.

Though this restaurant is known for its meat selection hot off the fire, there are tons of options outside of that for those vegans out there. Note: if you are a vegan, don't go here! Though the bill was pricey, the ambiance and the food was well worth the pretty penny. I knew that none other than Alex would appreciate this restaurant more, so naturally, he was my date.

We got there and I was quickly in awe of what I saw. Clean tables, a busy seating scheme, and tons of food. The waiters carry giant skewers of meat around the entire restaurant. You're given a flip card (green on one side, red on the other) and depending on which side is up, you'll either be bombarded by the waiters or left alone. It's hard to turn the card to red as the mouth watering meats come by, so if you're on a diet, I'd avoid this place at all cost! At the same time, like I said, there is a huge side bar that has vegetables, cheese platters, shrimp, sushi, Brazilian cuisine,salads, sauces, dips, and tons of bread.

It's hard to pace yourself here, and although I wanted to gorge on all the meat, I took a trip or two up to the side bar before I completely lost it. On the table there are these little dough bread balls, mashed potatos and fried plantains to cleanse your palate.

Here I have some asparagus, salad, prosciutto, grilled provolone, sushi and shrimp-- all delicious, but not as exciting as what's to come.

This is my second platter including: potatoes au gratin, grilled mushrooms, black beans, pancetta, mozzarella, and flank steak.I love love LOVED the potatoes au gratin.

Holy delicious.. but here is an up close pic of my favorite morsel: the sirloin! Who would have thought? The filet wrapped in bacon was a close second. Just thinking about these makes my mouth water.

All the meat was tender, juicy and cooked perfectly. You won't find overdone or undercooked meat here--every skewer is made with perfection and goes along perfect with all the side choices. The all-you-can-eat mentality is so fun, and if you go with someone who enjoys to eat, it's a great experience. I definitely left feeling full, but happy.

There is a difference between overeating on junk food and overeating on good food. This example of the latter is one I will remember and think fondly of until next year (when I'm allowing myself to have it again!!)

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