Friday, March 26, 2010


Today I spoke at a wellness workshop called Stressbusters in Falls Church, with about 60 Fairfax County employees. I also won a raffle. Here is the prize:

Girl Scout Cookies... and cupcakes and candy are all great-- but maybe not at a wellness workshop :)

On a side note...

This country has an obesity epidemic. It's called an epidemic because it is sweeping our country like any disease would. Check out some of these obesity charts, and see where we've come in

So, you can see. This is horrible. HORRIBLE!!!I'm on a mission to change it. God Speed. 


Rick said...

That is pretty ridiculous. Though I'll admit, I would gladly take girl scout cookies in a goody bag. Wellness smellness.

Jessie said...

Well, naturally I took them without complaining-- and enjoyed a few. But still!!!!!!

JC said...

Hi Jesse. It is a very serious epidemic. VA and MD are sadly up on the scale in the obesity stats. Our children and youth are especially at risk. I'm glad you put the maps on your blog. I wasn't sure if they would copy when I did something similar on my blog. :-) Take care.