Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chuck's First Fluffernutter

So, at the fitness center, we've been having a debate: Do "fluffernutters"/peanut butter and fluff sandwiches exist? Yes. Clearly they do, and I am indeed a huge fan. Melinda, a woman who works out, was the one who brought this argument into existence. She too enjoys a fluffernutter sandwich from time to time. My boss, Chuck, and a few others have never heard of them let alone taste one, so Melinda and I were determined to show them the truth, so she brought in the ingredients and I made one for Chuck.

We came to the conclusion it's a northern thing. I had never had one until I went to Penn State, and she has lived in Pa and Jersey before so we're going to bring this delicacy to the dirty south we call northern Virginia.

This is Chuck carving out the middle because he won't eat food that's been touched unless he is home. Don't be mad I told the world, boss!

He looks very skeptical. Chuck's diet is very clean, and fluff isn't exactly a nutritional heavyweight. In fact, it's just sugar. Mmm mmm mmm...

Not too pleased. "Honey would be better." Yes, touche, but sometimes nothing hits the spot better.

Fair enough. You tried it. Now he's like "what is in this?!?" I'm thoroughly amused if you cannot tell.

The remains. RIP to a completely fine sandwich, tossed into the wind, and easily forgotten.

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Rick said...

Ever have fluff with just jelly? It is amazing.