Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Night Terror!

For some reason, RICK if you're reading this you popped into my mind... read on and you will see why!

I have a coffee addiction. I have a crazy work schedule with weird hours. I have a stressful time figuring out things in my life... All these combined = NIGHT TERRORS!

Has anyone had one before? No, not a nightmare. It's totally different. Think blood curdling scream, racing heart beat, confusion, sometimes violent behavior, running around. Yeah, you probably haven't had one. But I do! Yes, and I had an extreme one last night. I haven't had such a bad one in years. So, today I found the things I need to do cure my ailment:

Sleep more
Drink less caffeine

Avoid fatigue
Avoid stress
Do relaxing things before bed

So I thought, what DE stresses me? Cooking! And food! So, I really want to do more of it. I'm looking for ideas.... recipes? Things to try! So let me know! What makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when you eat it?

But, if this is Rick.. I know you love your themed desserts. So if you ever get bored, you should come up with a NIGHT TERROR dessert :)

Tomorrow... look for Coca-Cola Cake recipe... should be sinful!

1 comment:

Rick said...

Hmm, well chocolate before bed always gives you nightmares. Maybe I have something to work with. . .