Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pasta Creation

I was starvinggggg Friday night before coaching, and knew I could not make it until 9:00 pm to eat dinner. We had no leftovers and I am a cheapo so I didn't want to go buy food. Only viable option-- rummage the pantry and see what I can whip up. The payoff? An inexpensive, healthy, fresh dinner...oh and it tasted THE BOMB.

We had some whole wheat flax pasta  which has a great nutty taste and texture. I hate whole wheat pasta normally, so this is an exception. Get some lightly salted water boiling in a big pot while slicing some onions, cherry tomatos and chicken sausage. I think we had an garlic herb chicken sausage that is already precooked but needs to be heated up. I threw the pasta in the pot and sauteed the onions, tomatos and sliced chicken sausage in a sauce pan over medium heat with some olive oil. Once the onions are soft and the chicken sausage is warmed, you can remove it from the heat. Drain the pasta, toss with chicken and veggie mixture. Add parmesan cheese, a splash of olive oil, fresh pepper and some parsley. Delicious!! And really easy!!!


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