Sunday, April 25, 2010

Penn State Blue White

I spent the weekend at Penn State bar-hopping, tailgating, dining out and lounging in. I didn't eat well but my soul feels well fed by good friends, greasy food and memories from the best place on earth.

Texas Roashouse... hello heavy food. FABULOUS buttery rolls with cinnamon sugar butter. Oh my gosh.

Salad and potato skins? Hey, gotta give and take right?

At least it's roasted chicken... I could have gotten fried. And I got green beans! Which were gross so I didn't eat them...just more buttery rolls.

Tailgate food= yummy. Alex's roommate had one and this was a tasty roast beef sammy with pasta salad (plus a banana, brownie, and pretzels not pictured... oops). Nothin like sun and good food.

Allen Street Grill! A classy State College nook housed above the famous Corner Room. We were hidden in some random back room... got the crab artichoke dip for an app.... Not the BEST choice being that State College is probably four hours from any source of water with crabs in it.

I ordered the blackened steak wrap. If you're ever craving steak, get it in a sandwich or salad. It's much cheaper than a la carte! And ask for the dressing on the side... you'll save yourself hundreds of calories. Oh and don't order fries. Right... I didn't really eat a lot of them!!! I had to save room for my double fudge cookie dough chocolate blizzard from Dairy Queen. Ask Alex, I ate the whole thing. See, if you can't let your hair down and enjoy all the "fruits" of life (or fries, blizzards, etc) than there is no real fun.

Compared to it's usual fiber one for breakfast, half sandwich and fruit for lunch, nuts and yogurt for snack, and chicken, veggies and starch for dinner, my body is in a  bit of culture shock. A weekend off from the kitchen means unhealthier choices but definitely less headache. I miss the Valley!


Rick said...

Cinnamon sugar butter sounds really good right about now. I always wanted to go to Penn State just to see that ice cream school there. Better than Dairy Queen.

Jessie -- The Messie Kitchen said...

You're so right.... the creamery is fantastic. Problem is, on weekends like this one mean hour long waits for it. And when one gets an ice cream craving at 10:45 pm...well, DQ is open!