Monday, April 19, 2010

San Vito's Italian

The following pictures are all from San Vito's Italian restaurant. My parents love this place and I'm continuously impressed by the pasta dishes. I must say, their pizza has yet to wow me. It's usually nice and crispy on the edges and looks delicious, but when you get down into it, the middle of the pie is  soggy. The ingredients seep through the crust and take away it's bite. So, if you do go here, look for the pasta or even calzones. Yum!

This is what I ordered: Agnolotti. It is a  rapini and sausage pillow pasta, sautéed with oyster mushrooms, caramelized onions and Aurora sauce. I don't like cream sauces because they are too heavy but this Aurora was delicious. It was the consistency of  a vodka sauce with a bit of creamy flavor. The spinach and onions were cooked perfectly and there wasn't so much that I was absolutley stuffed. Go for this!
This is the misto de pesce. Seafood is usually a go at italian restuarants, and this was no different. It's a  selection of mussels,clams, sea scallops,shrimp and calamari simmered with crushed tomato sauce and al dente linguine. I prefer a little more sauce, less pasta, but it was still a good choice.

Side salad-- nothing to write home about.

Fried calamari Caesar salad-- DELICIOUS! I don't usually order Caesars and I never order fried food but I sampled my parents and this is super good. It's a better option than fried calamari alone.

Last but not least this rigatoni was another day at the same restaurant but I forgot to post it. Creamy red sauce with cheese, peas and ground beef--YUM! I must say I do prefer soaking sauce up with crusty bread and not pasta... oh well

All in all, a good choice but definitely a rich night of eating! tata

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