Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Busy Weekend...

I've been so busy doing God knows what that I haven't been posting. That, or I haven't been cooking? Maybe both. I can barely remember! This week is flying by, and last weekend was no different. I went to the National's game on Friday night with two of my best friends. We dined at Cosi and had beers at the game. It felt so summer and it felt so right.

Although I must say, it was so hot in the stands... wooowhee! But you can always make friends... Anyway, Saturday I went into Old Town Alexandria, and after breakfast was determined to look in a few of the bakeries. I found one that I cannot wait to try and one that looked a bit pretentious to me. As you can tell, my food isn't always super beautiful, but it tastes good, so that's what I care about! The one I really liked is called Bittersweet. You can get breakfast, lunch and dinner there. I didn't care about any of that. I cared about the cupcakes. They were so adorable and looked so tasty. I just wanted to break through the glass and steal them-- not normal. They had carrot cake and red velvet, and mini cakes, and jumbo cakes! I was in heaven. They looked fabulous. I was determined to create my own that night, but fell short... That's another story. Anyway, here's the case.

Ain't it just perfect? I mean I like to cook but I love to bake. This would be my dream! Okay, moving on. I also went to the Old Town Alexandria farmer's market. I love it there. Seeing all the food so fresh just makes me giddy. Tasting all the bread from Grace's Pastries makes my palette dance. The vendors are so nice, and I've been there in the winter where a few still show up. I admire these people... but more importantly, I admire their goodies! Take a look...
Enough of my montage. After the trip to Old Town, we went wayyyy in the other direction to Occoquan, which is a little town right on the river. It's a cute little place and they were having a festival, so my family stopped by. It was another scorcher. I couldn't even enjoy the fair, and I could think about was making strawberry shortcake! Weird. Well, I didn't, but I did make Key Lime Pie... but that's my next post.

We went to Milwaukee Custard too. Located in Chantilly, Virginia, this stuff is to die for. Check out the flavor of the day and pick your poison.

I was there to have the Cookies and Chocolate, which tasted like a mudslide. It's soft and rich and lovely. A perfect summertime melt in your mouth treat. I highly recommend it if you live in Northern Virginia OR you're super ambitious. Well, enough for one post. Sorry for the delay! Ta ta!!

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Monet said...

Farmer's markets, cute bakeries and ice-cream? Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! I loved seeing your pics and hearing about your experiences!