Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Boston Day One: Mariposa Bakery, Regina's and Mike's Pastry

I love Boston. I really do. It's easily my favorite city. I love the feel. I love the weather. I love the water. I love the old buildings. I love the food.

I love the food. Love.

Today was a day purely of travel and food. I can do that. My day started early so I got to Boston around 11:00 in the morning. Thankfully for me, navigating this city is fairly easy. Very different from DC, if you ask me. Maybe I'm just a natural Bostonian. Anyway, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting my friend Dwyer downtown Cambridge for lunch. We haven't seen eachother in forever and she's one of my favorite people...ever.

She also happens to work down the street from this amazing little cafe, Mariposa Bakery. It featured a menu of fresh sandwiches, coffee and baked goods. It's the kind of place I would like to work. Good sammies. Not to be confused with understacked, overpriced sammies.

I got a delicious turkey sammy on a pretzel roll topped with spinach, aioli, tomato and gouda. It was delightful. I love pretzel rolls. I've got to learn how to make them.

Dwyer got an avocado sandwich which goat cheese, greens and other veggies on a pretzel roll. I was borderline jealous of hers, but we both devoured them so fast that there wasn't even a chance to share. And they were big. B-I-G. She also got a cherry oatmeal cookie that is unpictured because, well, she ate it. Lo siento. It was great, but all too short, and we said our goodbyes and I set back out on the town.

Did I mention this whole time I was lugging around my suitcase? And it was hot and muggy outside? Not a nice picture.

I walked back and forth checking out the streets, and finally my sister was let out of work. We met up and walked all over the real downtown. (Oh, and I dropped my suitcase off, don't worry!) We saw the harbor, faneuil hall, quincy market, the north end, the freedom trail, you name it.

Despite the free samples at quincy, we worked up quite the appetite. We just so happened to be in the north end, which if you aren't familiar with Boston, is basically the Italian Mecca. I'm talking store front after store front dedicated to absolutely fantastic Italian cuisine. Best pastas. Best pizzas. Best gelato. Oh me, oh my. This may be my favorite street on earth.

Vanessa and I chose pizza because it's easy, cheap, and always tasty. But, we did not just pick a random stop to pop in and roll out. We went to Regina's, which is legendary for being the number one pizza in Boston.

This, my folks, was the best pizza, without a doubt, that I have had in ages. It whopped my homemade pizzas butt. Easily. The crust was so crispy, the toppings so fresh.

To die for. TO DIE FOR, I tell you. We got a huge pizza with spinach, tomato, pecorino romano, mozzarella and fresh basil.No salads, which I would have liked, but it was so worth it.

We needed to save room for the best part of the evening, Mike's Pastry, which is also in the north end. This place is incredible. I've never been in a place that is always that busy. Friday or Saturday nights forget about it.

It's a mad scene of hungry Bostonians elbowing their way toward the canolis. Fortunately, it's a Tuesday and we were there early, so it only took about 10 minutes total.

Not bad for Mike's. It's hard to decide there. They have everything from gelato to cookies to canolis to pies to cheesecakes. Everything. And though I haven't tried it all, I'm assuming everything is fantastic.

We went with a chocolate dipped peanut butter cookie (not my favorite), a red velvet cupcake (delissssh frosting and a moist cake) and a oreo cheesecake (layer upon layer of cream, oreo, cake, and chocolate).

It was rich. It was sweet. It was heaven. I love Boston. Did I say that already?

Before and after. Two full ladies. Now I'm sleepy, sittin' on my sister's futon, trying to figure out tomorrow's plans. Whatever the case, I'll keep you updated. Hope all is well!


Jason Phelps said...

Wow I was in the North End today as well. Too bad we didn't know and could have a arrange a short blog hookup. I hit a wine shop on a hot walk to and from Dewey Square. I know what you mean, it was humid today!

Boston rocks!


Unknown said...

I adore Boston too. It has a feel like no other city in the U.S. I guess we can tell who foodies are because as soon as I saw that pretzel roll I thought, "I need to figure out how to make that," and then I read your line saying the same thing. :)

Unknown said...

Reading your post just made me ridiculously hungry - the Regina's/Mike's combo is my favorite meal. EVER. I've never been to Mariposa, but I'll have to check it out when I get back to Cambridge. Enjoy the rest of your time in Beantown!

Unknown said...

best baseball team as well!!

Cooking with Coley said...

You definitely hit up some of the best spots in Boston! There is nothing quite like Regina's and Mike's. Although Modern Pastry also makes some mean desserts. You may want to try that next time. Glad you enjoyed this wonderful city and some it's most scrumptious foods!

Lauren said...

Well, now that I've read this I would love to go to Boston! I've never been. I didn't realize what wondeful foods they had there. I've gotta say, the pizza looked like it rocked!

Rick said...

All three of those look awesome to me. I can't decide which is my favorite. Maybe the oreo one because it sounds so unnecessary.