Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hiya guys and gals.

I've been busy. In fact, right now I should be putting the finishing touches on a take-home exam but instead I'm here, just to give you a recap via pictures to let you know I still care.
It was Susie's birthday so we celebrated with super heavy Italian food at La Cantina Italiana (yum). Shrimp Scampi

Their eggplant parm. (Never would I order this alone)

A free piece of tiramisu because the waiter loves my family
The belle of the ball, my chicken vanoijeidoshdsiohad (?)

Then I took a picture of the lovebirds

But then I wanted to do the skinny arm pose with my mom
And the natural kick back pose with my dad

And I've been experimenting with oatmeal. This is chocolate and butterscotch

This baby is apple cinnamon

I made the salad of my dreams at Whole Foods.

I even tried tofu! For the 30th time.
I took a picture of about 1/8 of what we got at the Old Town Farmer's Market

I finally tried Bruegger's Baked Apple Bagel (with pumpkin butter and Justin's chocolate hazelnut  butter)

I took a picture of food-inspired art!

I bugged Amie's dad for popover recipes

When I didn't get the recipe, I accepted the buttery sweet popover as a reconciliation

Amie and I went to a corn maze! Yee Haw

And we pretended to eat corn

And we made it out alive!

And we met this seemingly innocent camel

Who we try to pose with for approximately 7 minutes.

And we find that he is a biter.

And he is camera shy.

And after he bit Amie's head (not pictured) I was petrified of him

So Amie's parents bought us Sweetwater for lunch and I got a bangin' chicken salad

And I used the last of my chocolate hazelnut butter on this little guy

And I made an awesome lunch of grilled PBB sandwich!

And because I wanted plain peanut butter but we didn't have any, I made my own almond butter. Super easy

Whew! I feel better now. I hope you have a little insight to what's going on for me. If anything looks particularly appetizing, please tell me and I'll give you the recipe because I don't feel like posting them all tonight!

Happy (Over the) Hump Day!!

The Messie Chef Herself,


Kim - Liv Life said...

That was really fun!!! You really have been busy!!! Love all the pics!

Anonymous said...

Great to see what you've been up to!

Is that peanut butter in the apple cinnamon oatmeal?? Yum!

Monet said...

You have been having so much fun. It was wonderful to see you enjoying good food and company...there is nothing more important in life than being with those that you love. Thank you for sharing this with us!

Unknown said...

You got lucky. Camels spit this vile concoction when they get upset or stressed. :)

It was fun to catch up with you via the pictures.